Evolving situation from March 13th. Veneto Region, Province of Vicenza.

We are facing the spread of COVID-19 and we all know it’s a big battle in order to try, day by day, to mantain the number of infected people under the capacity of healthcare system. It’s an all system war, in wich all domains are involved at different level.
1. Physical domain : All country is locked down. You can move out of your house only to go to work, to go to use an essential service, to use health services.
2. Information domain: The civil protection department by its website and the regular press meetings (each day at 6 p.m.) inform of evolving situation with clear data. National and private tv broadcast give regular advice about the rules each one must follow.
3. Cognitive domain: After an progressive approach the detecting phase has been ended, and the action one is working. Different and ever more stringent Prime Minister’s decrees have been made, and now, march the 14th, in all the country we have the same obliging measures involving people, organizations, indutries, commercial activities and so one.
4. Social domain: the level of misunderstanding about the severity of the situation is going down and the  capacity to modify single behaviour properly is getting better.

Photo by CDC on Unsplash


A personal and professional diary of the situation , where i live. Veneto Region, Est part of the province of Vicenza.



Well, as self employed engineer my office is where i live and the practice of smart-working is usually a normal way of working, for me. I can use all my design and FEM analisys programs, so till now i have no problems about it. I noted a little slowing internet line, may be for the greater use of it during these days. Instead all the outside activities are stopped, not only for my personal choice after the last PM decree, but since last twesday and day by day  all constructions sites where i work as a site construction supervisor were been closing. It depends also by the difficulty to respect personal safety measures for the site workers, due to the specific type of building construction phases. By the way the preoccupation is on the field, due to the fact that i also work closely with facilities and services of some factories, with great exportation of goods. They told me they have postponed some investments, and so also my signed contracts are in stand by. But i am confident on the fact that the activity will start again with a new spirit and willing to recover and to do better.
I appreciate also the fact that some economic sustaining measures are going on. For example one my tax payment deadline of the end of march has been postponed to the end of july.



Well, for us (me, my wife and son and my mother in law and father in law) the health situation is good. But we are very carrefull to follow correct personal rules of behaviour. I upload a picture from to explain it. The first thing is to avoid every contacts with others. It’s possible if you stay at home, but we need to go to the supermarket… So only one person will go out for it and only one day a week. It will use personal protective equipment, like mask fpp3 or fpp2 and latex gloves. We are discussing about the fact that food could has been in contact with virus… so may be we will leave in the car food that doesn’t need to be in fridge and use it when it will be necessary, day by day and after a minimum of three days, like a way to put it in a small quarantine. Well it’s also important to stay unite inside the family because i feel in these moment that single psicological and physical vulnerabilities come out… The Knowed infected people in the province of Vicenza is not so high like in other sites, but we personally are checking the time that has been passed since our last day of contact with other people. For me and my wife is last Monday, so this is the 6th day since that time and now our temperature is ok, no other problems.


19 marzo


Well, the general evolution is still rising in term of infected people and dead ones. I don’t Know when the curve will flatten. Looking at chinese experience it happened after one month of complitely lockdown. So for the italian style of lockdown i think we should wait almost till one and half month. It means almost till April the 25th. In this case  the prevision is that we will have a total of ….




Well, after passing the Chinese death toll, we are all very scared. I think the government, but some local administrations have already done so, will introduce more stringent measures, particularly related to personal ability to move and in order to use the army to patrol the streets. As for the local situation, there is no specific outbreak here in the eastern part of the province of Vicenza, but the awareness of paying attention to any action to be done inside and outside your home is of a higher level. So our family organization these days:
1. Use gloves to manage waste to be placed outside the gate and to be collected after the collection service has emptied them;
2. The shoes used to go out, even if in the garden, must be positioned on the door and put back when necessary, but not brought inside;
3. The goods ordered online must be opened in a room outside the home or in its vicinity and the packaging left outside in the appropriate containers …
And so on … Well, during the day I continue to work in my home office but relations with other professionals, or public offices or other companies are now very limited, even if only by telephone.
We all are still waiting to see the decrease of infected people, but may be is not yet the moment!



20 marzo

Remigio Antonio Rancan

Sono ingegnere civile edile, abilitato alla libera professione dal 1992. Ho maturato una pluriennale esperienza nell’applicazione di strategie di riduzione del rischio, per il miglioramento di edifici ed infrastrutture esistenti ed al fine di rendere le comunità meno vulnerabili a pericoli naturali e derivati dall’azione dell’uomo. Come professionista accreditato nei rating systems per la trasformazione urbana sostenibile, conosco ed applico differenti misure “green”.


La mia missione oggi consiste nell’affiancare organizzazioni, imprese e città a svilupparsi e crescere in un ambiente in continuo ed incerto cambiamento. Li guido nel percorso di valutazione della resilienza delle funzioni critiche. Permetto così ai decisori di collocare le risorse per i progetti di trasformazione urbana ed infrastrutturale, in base al contributo di questi alla resilienza ai disastri dell’intero sistema.


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